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I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t order something from Amazon. Whether it’s for the home, my office, a food item, or beauty product… it seems like they have everything.

About the only thing I don’t buy on Amazon is shoes and clothing, but even that is changing, as they carry more and more name brands than ever. I love that I can usually get things here in one or two days.

My Recent Amazon Orders

All that to say, I thought I’d round up some of my recent Amazon orders because a lot of these are tried and true products that I love, and maybe you will too!

one // I just got new office furniture, and I finally went through all of our business and family files… I hadn’t done that since we moved here over 4 years ago! I wanted file folders with the sides on them so all of my receipts stay inside, and I also wanted something pretty. I found these, and I love them!

two // I ordered this to try instead of my usual daytime moisturizer; it sounded like something I might need, lol. I’ll report back!

three // This is a refill for the soap/lotion set I have in my powder room. I picked it up on sale at Bloomies before Christmas, and I love it, but the soap gets depleted far more quickly than the lotion. Thus, this soap purchase!

four // These are my favorite drawer organizers; I got them for the bathroom last summer, and I like them so much that I just ordered another set for my office. I also used some in the kitchen.

five // This is my attempt to stay organized in 2023… we’ll see if it works. They look cute on my desk, anyway!

six // And I ordered this new mouse pad, since my old one was looking beat. My new desk is a cream color, so I thought this mouse pad would look better than the black one I had before.

seven // This is random, but I thought I’d include it because I swear by these to alleviate (haha, Aleve… get it?) monthly cramps. I don’t get them like I used to, but my doctor recommended it when I was struggling with extremely painful cramps, and my daughters swear by it too. It’s important to take it regularly, and get on it early, for it to be the most effective.

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: This is what my doctor recommended for us, but by all means, consult your doctor before taking any medical advice from strangers on the internet.

eight // I love these bars; I eat one before my workouts, and I often grab one on other days when I break my fast and I just want something light and sorta healthy.

nine // I thought I’d try this vitamin C serum to compare to the Timeless brand I normally use. Have any of you tried it? I love this brand, so thinking I might like it for a change.

ten // This is another product I ordered to try because I saw it recommended somewhere. I like the tarte version, so I’m interested to compare.

eleven // This is random, but it was in my Amazon orders, so I included it here. My house cleaner loves this stuff for wood floors. She requested it, so I always keep it in stock in the cleaning cupboard. If you have hardwood floors, you may want to try it!

twelve // Finally, I’m all out of body lotion, so I ordered more of this one. I have a few that I like, but this one is a nice consistency and doesn’t have a strong smell, and it’s supposed to reduces the appearance of lines & wrinkles… haha! I don’t expect it does much of that, but I like it, so, I ordered more!

thirteen // While sheets seem to last forever, pillowcases can get kind of icky, so I just ordered these to replace a bunch of my older ones. They are so nice, very good quality! Highly recommend.

fourteen // Let’s normalize wearing knee socks! These are for my new Sorel boots (see #15) or any boots that are rough on the top of the shaft against the leg. They also keep you warmer than the no-show Sheec socks that I often wear with boots.

I never used to wear socks with boots… or almost any shoe, but with the current styles, socks actually look cute peeking out, or they don’t show at all, and they definitely keep your feet warmer.

fifteen // I ordered these boots after being asked for casual flat winter boot recommendations. They aren’t as flat as I was looking for, but I was drawn in by the styling and the colors. They are soooo comfortable and warm.

sixteen // My brows are sparse, and even though I have microblading, I’d like to have more of my own to work with, so I just ordered this tinted brow enhancing serum to try out.

seventeen // This is one of the swimsuits I ordered to try in preparation for my Florida trip… I usually prefer a solid swimsuit, but I thought this snake print was fun, so we’ll see how I feel in it.

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19 thoughts on “What’s In My Amazon Shopping Cart

  1. Those boots are really super cute and, the holographic-looking python print bathing suit is very “glam” (though, have always felt cautious around semi-strapless tops staying put!).

  2. Please follow up with a review on the new items you are trying out. I really enjoy reading Amazon reviews. Might be a fun monthly post.

  3. All great finds! Amazon delivers are a regular thing around here too! I just received my to do notepad like your number 5 and I’ve been using it each day! It’s so gratifying to check things off a list!

    1. I like them both a lot. they have different vibes, so I think it’s all about which look you’re going for. I thought I loved the Brex until I got these Chelsea boots, and after trying both, I realized the Chelsea boot is more my style. I will show comparison pix soon!

  4. I use #2 and love it! In fact almost my entire skincare regimen is from Dermalogica. I started using this product several years ago and it really does keep my face so much softer. Their Daily Micro Exfoliant is good too.

  5. Amazon is great for swim suits, living in a warm climate I usually buy four or five every summer (paddleboarding, surfing, swimming, etc) they have a wonderful “Try Before you Buy program”, which I’m sure your aware of, you can pick six items, try them and keep what you like, return the rest and it’s free for prime members. I do this a lot with differnt things, especially shoes and special occasion dresses, although I’m one of those women that honestly could care less if it’s a brand name as long as it’s well constructed and meets my needs

  6. My cleaner uses Bona on my hardwood floors too. It leaves no streaks and makes clean up easy and quick. I’ll have to compare Amazon price to Home Depot price. I have a feeling I’ll be ordering from Amazon.
    Love your bathing suit pick. Very glamorous!
    Let us know how the brow serum works. The drugstore brands are way too expensive.

  7. Just a quick shout out to La Roche Posay. I have very sensitive skin, and have been using Clarins serum and moisturizer for years. Works beautifully for me!
    I decided I wanted to find a lower priced alternative, so after research, decided on La Roche Posay. I ordered directly from the company. Delivery and packaging was quite good.
    I used the three products I had ordered, and unfortunately, had an allergic reaction that lasted several days. I waited a week, and tried one product. Again, a reaction.
    I called the company. They asked a few questions, transfered my call to an aesthetic nurse who seemed to be asking questions to better their product knowledge. Then they expressed regret about my experience. They refunded my entire purchase. They didn’t need me to send back the products, so I passed them along to my sister who doesn’t have sensitive skin.
    I think that’s a benefit of ordering directly from the company.

  8. I’ll have to check a few of these out but I think I will purchase elsewhere. I have unfortunately gotten some counterfeit cosmetics and other beauty items from Amazon and it’s just not worth the risk to me.

  9. I think I’m going to order the Nest hand soap and lotion for when our powder room gets finished. It looks pretty and classy! I think I may try Aleve again for my headaches, well the ones that don’t turn into migraines. 🥴 I was looking through an old post a few minutes ago and clicked on your link for the fair isle sweater scarf from Gap. The last time I had looked, it was out of stock. But tonight I scored it for $9.60! Had to add shipping as we no longer have a Gap nearby, but I’ll be excited next winter! ❤️

  10. I really like your Amazon picks and have bought a few of them. Just got #6 mouse pad in dark navy. Love it! Thank you for all you do and share!

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