22 Days of Fall Fashion Recap + #NSale Favorites On Sale Again

Happy October, my friends! This is typically the most beautiful month here in Pennsylvania, and I hear that we’re having optimal weather conditions for a really good foliage season this year. Yay for small blessings! In these Covid times, I’ll take them where I can get them.

Today we’re looking back on the 22 Days of Fall Fashion. I always get requests for a recap post so you can have all the looks in one place.

22 Days of Fall Fashion 2020

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10

11 // 12

13 // 14 // 15 //16 // 17

18 // 19 // 20 // 21 // 22

In looking back at these outfits, I realize they are very casual, but hopefully those who need work wear looks can swap out the jeans for pants and still find a lot of style inspiration here. I’m always curious to hear your favorites.

I experimented with some straight crop styles earlier in the month, but I ended up reverting back to my favorite skinnies for most of these outfits. It’s funny, I didn’t even realize I did that until I just looked back at these pictures.

I’m always willing to try new styles, but at the end of the day, I think you’ve got to wear what you feel most comfortable in and what works best for your lifestyle and body type.

I’m just not there yet with the crop straight silhouette, and while I appreciate a traditional bootcut for its ability to flatter, it’s not very practical, and it just doesn’t look current to me. I usually try to incorporate one or two outfits with bootcut jeans or pants into these style series, but I totally forgot about them this time.

As far as dresses go, bah humbug. I’m not loving the styles this season, and to be honest, I have nowhere to wear them besides church, and even there, I feel a little overdressed in anything but the most casual styles.

I’ll keep looking, though! In fact, I will have one in this week’s try-on haul. I didn’t keep it, but it may appeal to some of you.

Anyway, I need to wrap this up because I have to get ready for a photo shoot this morning. Yes, 22 Days of Fall Fashion may be over, but there will be plenty more fall outfits coming to you.

Meanwhile, I want to give you a heads-up about a bunch of popular items that just went on sale. Links are under the pictures.

Paige Verdugo Ripped Raw Hem Skinny Jeans – TTS; 25% off

Paige Cindy High Waist Destroyed Hem Straight Leg Jeans – TTS; 25% off

Caslon Cropped Utility Pants – TTS; 40% off

Caslon Drape Collar Knit Blazer – TTS or size down; 40% off

Caslon Color Block Sweater – TTS; 40% off

Caslon V-Neck Slub Sweater (red only) – TTS; 40% off

Caslon Turtleneck Sweater – TTS or size down; up to 50% off

Wow, hello, eyebrows!!! WHAT was I thinking? My whole face looks different. I think the sweater I’m linking below is slightly different than this one, but I really like it.

Caslon Dolman Sweater (more colors here) – TTS; 40% off

And I still have these jeans… I just found them when going through boxes in the basement. Definitely going to try styling them again this fall.

AG Prima Ankle Cigarette Leg Jeans – TTS; 25% off

Caslon Open Front Cardigan – TTS or size down; 40% off

Mother Looker Ripped High Waist Fray Ankle Jeans – TTS; 25% off

Tory Burch Carson Stripe Leather Crossbody – 44% off

Vince Wool & Cashmere Sweater – TTS (wearing the S); 40% off // Mother Looker Ripped High Waist Fray Ankle Jeans – TTS; 25% off

Vince V-Neck Nep Wool Blend Sweater – TTS; 40% off

Vince Funnel Neck Wool Blend Sweater – TTS or size down (wearing the S); 40% off // Paige Verdugo Ripped Raw Hem Skinny Jeans – TTS; 25% off //  Sofft Somers Sneaker Mule – TTS; 40% off

Vince Stripe Wool & Cashmere Sweater – TTS or size up (wearing the M); 40% off

Also, Nordstrom is price-matching a bunch of beauty favorites, like my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, Lancome Mascara, and Nars Blush.

Ooooh, and these Gucci sunglasses are 30% off. They’re not identical to mine, but very similar.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got. Now I’m REALLY running late… #neverfails #sorryAlison

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18 thoughts on “22 Days of Fall Fashion Recap + #NSale Favorites On Sale Again

  1. I enjoyed this fall series. Thanks to you & Cyndi for my AM fun with coffee. I love my skinny jeans too.  Gave away my boot cut because I didn’t wear them enough. My fav outfits are:  4, 7, 11, 12, 14, 15, 21.  For any outfit with slides, I’d switch to booties, cage sandals or other shoe. I’ve owned slides but they remind me of bedroom slippers so they end up at house shoes. Looking forward to more fall outfits.  No loungewear so far – bless you for that. 

  2. The cropped straight look is growing on me, but I still prefer skinny jeans. 🙂 Wearing my favorite pair of AG skinnies today. I had on a pair of tan Blondo booties w/ them, but decided to try my tan Paul Green boots (from the NSale) instead…mistake! The Blondo’s actually look better (the height of the shaft is better with the hem of these jeans), but the comfort of the Paul Green outweighs any other consideration. 😀 😀 They are SOOO comfortable! And I need to get my cost per wear out of them, right?? From the sale right now, I scored a Bernardo black leather jacket that I debated during the NSale. Not sure if the size will be right…I ordered a small, but if it fits too big, there were no extra smalls. I like to allow for possibly a sweater underneath though.

    And my favorite outfit I think was the black jeans/tan moto. An unexpected combination that I really liked!

  3. Like you, I cannot get used to the flare crop look, especially on my 5 foot 2 inch frame. But I love the color and fit of the green ones you featured in #1. So off to the tailor they go to create more of a straight/skinny look! Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. I really enjoyed the 22 days of fall outfits and your style is so on point with me. I like that you wear what you really like and what feels comfortable. I see a lot of fashion bloggers trying to appeal to the masses and their style is all over the board. #4, 8, 11 and 15 were some of my favorites. Thanks again for all the great styles.

  5. I pretty much loved the entire series, and really appreciated seeing the snakeskin booties I bought at last year’s NSale in #21. I always enjoy seeing you wear items that I’ve purchased through your blog in the past. My very favorite outfit would have to be #19, because I loved the light wash R&B jeans and the Marc Fisher booties. The sweater is also gorgeous on you and the color is so pretty and not typical Fall. The jeans are actually on sale for 25% off on Nordstrom’s site and I couldn’t resist buying them. 🙂

  6. Well done! Enjoyed seeing all the fall styles and glad you gave us lots of laying options because we’re still pretty warm in South Texas but we started having some cool mornings 😊. I only purchased 3 items this time but one of my favorite was the Spanx black pants in petite! I know I will get lots of wear out of them and glad I got them during the NStrom sale. 

  7. Great Fall series.  I so enjoyed it with my morning coffee each day.  Thanks for all your hard work.  I know its a lot for you and Cyndi to put these together but you both do such a good job.  I’d like to see Christmas gift guides sooner this year, as we don’t know how Winter is going to go with Covid and if for some reason we’d get shut down again, then the online only shopping is going to get crazy for the shipping dates to get here by Christmas.  As it is, I think more people aren’t braving the stores.  Yesterday I went for the first time to Nordstrom since Covid with my daughter and granddaughter and while we had a fun day, it just wasn’t the same to see everyone in mask and I couldn’t  breathe good, so that was hard.  I miss seeing peoples expressions.  One store clerk looked at my grand daughter and was talking to her and told her “there is a happy face and smile I’m giving you under this mask”.  That was sad to me.  She is only 13 months and to have her not be able to see others facial greetings.  Anyway, praying for new days ahead when covid is gone from us…… if it ever will be.  Looking forward to what you have coming for Oct. I can’t believe today is Oct. 1st.  I  love this month, so hope it doesn’t go by too fast. Its a warm, foggy, drizzly day here today after 80’s yesterday.  Blessings.  

  8. I’m still on the hunt for a  pair of straight leg cropped jeans that I like. I seem to like them on others but not myself. Perhaps, it’s because I love my skinnies and the look is so different. 

    I was in the mall yesterday and overheard a lady saying she was doing her Christmas shopping to avoid the crowds later on.  Then my daughter asked me what I’d like for Christmas this year. 🤔 I don’t like to rush the seasons but an early gift guide would help those of us who want to start early. 

  9. I love all the looks! Thank you for doing the 22 days of fall fashion with Cyndi. It was a nice treat to read with my morning coffee. I laughed at the preface “guys, don’t get cranky” about the Nordstrom restock….. I am not a fan of Nordstrom’s staggered sale dates of certain people being “allowed” to shop earlier than others, then things selling out so lots of hype but not much inventory in regular sizes. But the clothes themselves and Nordstrom are great! Enjoy your great weather and foliage.

  10. I like seeing all 22 outfits in one post, so “thank you” to those that made the suggestion.  I can’t pick a favorite because I like the majority of your outfits.  I have one pair of bootcut jeans, but they are worn the least of all of my jeans since I wear flats or very low heels 99% of the time.  I hope that you’ve had a good day!

  11. Well I will not get cranky with you but I must say that Nordstrom has lost me as a customer. The things they sell come out of one warehouse and one purchasing department but someone has decided that they will not offer the same items on their .ca web address as they do on .com This is absurd and not necessary. For example I would have purchased that green Vince sweater but nope not available to Canadian customers. and don’t get me going on the stupid game playing with who gets which day for the Sale to start….we are not part of some girls club game. MANY other companies have quality goods and are more than happy to have me spend my money on their websites.

  12. Thanks for a great fall series with Cyndi! I enjoy the times you work together. Your style and the way you put things together inspire me and you do a GREAT job of educating the “why” behind your choices.

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