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We’ve had a super busy week. We rarely are this busy, but Tis the Season! We had two school holiday concerts this week, and I had lunch out twice. I also had a holiday party to attend with my Stella & Dot team, but I bagged it at the last minute. I was exhausted, and it was raining, and I was all, Eh. Forget it. But not before I got an outfit picture. Ha! Important things, ya know.

Yesterday we went into Philly to do some of the Christmassy things — we saw the holiday light show at the Comcast Center, the girls went ice skating at City Hall, we ate lunch at Reading Terminal Market, and we hiked over to Carlos Bakery to pick up C’s birthday cake. (My girls are obsessed with Cake Boss, and this was her request.)

On the way home, we drove through South Philly and stopped at Gino’s so the kids could experience an authentic Philly cheesesteak. (No, we didn’t go to Pat’s. We’ve found them to be hit or miss.)

Then last night I spent a few hours wrapping Christmas presents before we collapsed on the couch and watched a couple episodes of House Hunters. I still managed to get in bed by 9PM and I woke up at 5:30 without an alarm, raring to go. I swear, my body clock is so predictable, it’s frightening.

Here’s my week in review via Instagram Recap.

I took this picture last Sunday afternoon as I relaxed with my foot massager, InStyle magazine, and a cranberry vodka cocktail. Pretty much the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

sunday afternoon

This is the outfit I was going to wear to my Stella & Dot holiday party. It wasn’t raining yet when I took this selfie. I went to leave an hour later and saw the rain, and I was in suede boots, and the venue I was going to is not an easy place to park, and I decided to bag it and stay home. HA!

sweater dress

Details: sweater dress $108 | OTK boots $199 (sizes 9.5 and 10 available) | leopard clutch $39 (back in stock!!) | Becker Cuff $79 (My Stella & Dot boutique)

I posted this as a blog post teaser on Tuesday. Get the full details here.

chambray - 1

A quick top-down selfie I took the day this sweater came in the mail. It’s is on sale for $32 and it also comes in Ivory, which I think I like even better than the Charcoal. I ordered grey because I was feeling like I have too much ivory, but honestly, I have a lot of both, so I’m sending this back. Still, if you like a chunky sweater, this is SUPER cute and affordable. It runs large, so definitely size down. This is a Small.

grey sweater

Details: Cable Front Sweater $32 (SIZE DOWN!) | Emma skinnies $168 (wait for a sale; I got mine for 40% off) | Converse Shoreline $49 (LOVE!!!) | Mini Crosby Crossbody $98 (my oxblood color is sold out, but it is on sale in “denim”)

I wore this outfit to meet a friend for lunch on Wednesday. I’ve been wanting to do the white jeans thing, but it was warm, so I did ballet flats instead of boots. I think boots would look better, though — they balance out the chunky sweater, and look more wintry and intentional when wearing white jeans after Labor Day.

navy and white

Details: cable turtleneck $98 + 30% off with GIFTNOW | white jeans $178 | ballet flats in Classic Nude Leather (comes in 14 colors) $99 | Pauline Ring on sale for $41 | Marc by Marc Jacobs New Q Fran satchel $359 (I know, super pricey, I’m sorry. I got mine at a deep discount when the color was being discontinued a few years ago.)

This was my lunch! We met at Snap Custom Pizza, a new place that just opened up. This is a gluten-free crust, and it was DELISH.

Snap Custom Pizza

The next day was rainy, and I went to the hair salon for a fresh cut and color. I threw on this outfit with my Hunter rain boots. Best investment EVER. I used to hate the rain, but now I embrace it. Ha! I tied the scarf in the “celebrity knot” — I seriously need to do a tutorial, but you can google it if you want to try it out today.)

Rainy Day Outfit: leopard scarf, magenta cashmere sweater, Hunter boots

Details: Lightweight Cashmere Sweater $69 | Emma skinnies $168 (wait for a sale; I got mine for 40% off) | Hunter boots $150 | similar scarf $29 (although the grey seems to be sold out; this is an infinity version $24) | Marc by Marc Jacobs New Q Fran satchel $359 | link bracelet $450 (this was a Christmas gift from my husband many years ago, and it’s still a favorite)

I’ve been a huge fan of Udi’s gluten free foods for years, and I’ve had the privilege of working with them off and on. They sent me a surprise box of holiday treats this week. I was SO excited. I love these cookies, and they don’t carry them in the stores I frequent. Of course, I had to share.


I posted this sneak peek into an outfit post I’m working on. I love an all black outfit. Unfortunately the poncho is long gone. I bought this months ago and finally got around to styling it.

Black Poncho Outfit

This was an outtake from my Freezy Freakies/Vaseline post that I shared this week. I was laughing so hard taking these pictures. Yes, Freezy Freakies are back. If you’re a child of the 80s and remember these crazy gloves fondly, you may be happy to know that they are now available in adult sizes.

Freezy Freakies

I posted this top-down selfie as I was running out the door to meet a group of girlfriends for lunch on Friday. We had so much fun, and we all agreed that we are FINALLY getting into the holiday spirit. It helps that the weather has turned seasonably cold, and we’re all wrapping up our holiday blog content and able to relax after our busiest season.

Lush Tunic + Leather Jacket

Details: Lush Tunic ON SALE for $25!!! | similar leather jacket $239 | similar black jeans $113 | Moto Hobo $325 (hold out for a sale; I got mine for closer to $150) | VANELi Jara Ankle Boots $157 c/o Marmi Shoes (These are so fabulous, extremely comfortable, and super stylish. They retail for $225, but they are on sale for $157. They also come in narrow width!)

I posted another top-down selfie yesterday as I was leaving for our day in Philly. I hate posting two in a row, but sometimes life works out that way! I actually ended up changing to my long puffer coat because of the cold, but I prefer the outfit with this cut charcoal peacoat.

Winter Outfit Selfie: Blanket Scarf, Peacoat, Skinny Jeans, and Ankle Boots

Details: Blanket Scarf $15 | similar sweater $89 | Emma skinnies $168 | VANELi Jara Ankle Boots $157 c/o Marmi Shoes (I had to change to knee-high grey suede boots; I was afraid of walking so much in these heels) | similar peacoat $69 + 15% off with WRAPUP | garnet ring $675 (another husband Christmas gift from long ago; I think they’ve raised the price since then!)

This is a picture my husband took of my daughter and me at the City Hall Christmas tree. I LOVE this picture. I wanted a family picture, but no one else was cooperating. Our day in Philly was my daughter’s birthday request. She turns 13 on Christmas Eve.

instagram - 1

I posted this late last night after a friend tipped me off that this popular sweater is back in stock AND on sale for $32! This is a great “oversized” sweater that doesn’t make YOU look oversized. It’s a great way to wear this trend if you generally don’t look good in the oversized silhouette. Mine is a medium, but I wish I’d ordered a small. Sizes are limited.

instagram - 2

Details: Sun & Shadow Turtleneck $32 | similar black jeans $113 | D Yurman garnet ring and link bracelet | Moto Hobo $325 (hold out for sale)

Finally, I posted this graphic from my She Reads Truth devotional this morning. I am LOVING their Advent series.
instagram - 3

We sang the Hallelujah Chorus at the end of my son’s high school band concert last week because it’s their tradition to end every holiday concert with it. I know the alto part by heart from singing it in my own high school choir many moons ago, so I sang along with gusto — much to my daughter’s chagrin. I’m so glad my kids are growing up hearing and singing this classic piece of music. Hearing our faith proclaimed with such grandeur never gets old.

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