Never a Dull Moment!

We had a minor tragedy in our house this morning.  I woke up, came downstairs, sat down at the computer IN MY NEW RED OFFICE (yeah, you know, already) and clicked on my "gmail" tab.

And I got the dreaded error — Cannot connect to gmail.  Check internet connection.

Grand.  Let’s just say that is NOT the way I had planned to start my day.

I took the opportunity to make some coffee and read a few chapters of a book, and the second my husband, a.k.a. the computer man, descended the stairs, I bombarded him with this information.

Oh he was not happy.

So he spent the next hour, that he should have spent driving to work, working on our wireless connection, which is tenuous at best, for some reason that I do not understand.  The cobbler’s family never has shoes, as they say. 

My husband is the I.T. Director for a large company.  Why we don’t have the latest and greatest and most reliable computer setup is utterly beyond me.  But I know nothing about such things, so I try not to complain.

Any-WHO.  We are back up and running now (Phew!) and I am all set to work on a couple of design projects and peruse a few blogs and…  Oh yeah!  I promised a giveaway today, didn’t I?  That will be coming right up here in a sec.

But one more thing.  THE SUN IS SHINING and it makes me SO happy.  The weather forecast for the weekend sounds glorious.  It’s supposed to get nicer with each successive day, culminating in a perfect Memorial Day.  SO.  EXCITED.  Does anyone remember last Memorial Day?  I couldn’t take another one of those, I’m tellin’ ya.  I have discovered that my mood is tremendously affected by the
weather.  Am I the only one?  Do they make a pill for this?  Just
kidding.  Sort of.

So when I heard the weekend weather report on the radio this morning, I immediately said out loud (in the privacy of my own car — lest you think I’ve gone stark raving mad, which wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility, given the recent weather conditions and general bad mood I’ve been in lately for no specific reason), "Thank you, Lord, maybe I will survive this spring after all."  And I can assure you, I meant that reverently and with complete sincerity.

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12 thoughts on “Never a Dull Moment!

  1. My hubby gets up earlier than me, and he woke up to a nice note about the slowness of the internet sitting by the coffee pot this morning, too. I hate it when stuff goes wrong when he’s not around. I haven’t a clue how to fix it. If he ever goes before me I’ll have to have a huge electronics garage sale ’cause I won’t know how to work anything! LOL.

    We have rain predicted for the next four days.

  2. Cobbler’s family here too. He’s so darn good at his job but at home we have one computer that won’t play any sound and one that will only read my camera’s memory card if it’s in the right mood. And my blog still shows Sk*rt instead of kirtsy.

    C’mon Mr. Cobbler sir, Momma needs new techie shoes!

  3. Nope…hubby does NOT touch the computer.

    He may be able to dangle from a lanyard a hundred feet in the air…but as soon as he nears the computer, I swear, it breaks!

  4. My husband is also a computer guy, and it makes me crazy. I’m convinced it’s harder for me to fix anything because he has it all networked in a way I’m convinced we don’t need.

    I hear you about needing the sunshine. I ran errands earlier just so I could be outside. I can’t wait for this weekend!

  5. I am totally with you on the sun. I swear that yesterday I was not going to survice cause it was so gray and dreary. It was nice to see the sun…now can I ask for some warmer weather?? I know I should just be happy! We are heading to NY on Saturday and I cannot wait especially since I heard it was supposed to be beautiful!

  6. I get a little crazy when the internet connection gets crazy. I’m impressed that you waited until your husband came downstairs to ask him for help. I’m not sure I could have exercised such restraint.

  7. I’m very affected by the weather. It was so nice being out west with all the sunshine – made it hard to come home to rain!

  8. I hate it when my compter doesn’t do what it’s supposed to.

    It was GORGEOUS here yesterday and I felt SO GREAT. Today it’s gloomy and I’m feeling the same as the weather.

    I have a bible study in 45 minutes and I have YET to get out of my pjs. WHAT am I doing reading your blog? GAH!


  9. I am so addicted to my blogging, computing, etc. that when my internet connection stops working I have been known to CRY. I am serious. I have concluded that I need to learn more about computers so I can solve my own problems rather than frantically calling computer geek-type services begging someone to COME NOW!

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