Nordstrom Fashion Finds: January 2024

I haven’t done a roundup of Nordstrom Finds in a while, but they’ve got a lot of new arrivals in lately!

I’ve ordered some of these, and others I’m still debating, but I thought you might want to see what has caught my eye.

Those Adidas Sambas were the first item I added to this list… not that I need another pair of sneakers in my life, but that white/green combo is calling my name!

I’m also excited to see the MOTHER Insider in a couple of new washes. The Dancing On Coals pair that I love so much are starting to look tired to me, but that Out Of The Blue is the perfect light wash for summer.

This luxe leather hobo is the perfect shade of caramel brown, and if I had a fancy occasion to attend this spring, I’d definitely be ordering that gorgeous pink dress to try.

Shop all those and more below!

New-In At Nordstrom for January

Let me know which ones caught your eye, and if you’re planning to order any. I’d love to know how they work out for you.

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  1. question…..the cropped mother jeans LOOK so much shorter than how I feel cropped have been – is this the case or is the picture just misleading? Does that make sense? I mean “I” always feel my cropped are shorter than they should be since I’m 5’7″ and I have trouble finding longer crops but I wear anyway and looking at this picture it looks a little higher above the ankle.

  2. The Vince sweater looks lovely. I’m curious on the Samba- does the deck look a little higher? That appeals to me. You’re right- the green is fun!

    1. Also, the Vince coat….. I stared at it for a long time on line yesterday. It truly looks fabulous. Will you keep it?

      1. I can’t decide. This would not be a “good cost per wear” situation, but I really love it and it’s soooo warm. Alison loved it. She says I should wear it with sneakers and jeans so it doesn’t feel so “extra” and I like that idea. I have been trying to wear it when dressing up and it just felt like a lot.

    2. Yes, that’s what I like about them too! This is the Nordstrom description:

      Embroidered 3-Stripes add a silky accent to this iconic sneaker updated with luxe leathers and a grippy cupsole boosted with an injection of volume.

      I think they would look good with wider leg jeans.

  3. I WISH I had a special occasion that called for that gorgeous dress…but sigh… I don’t. Also loved the look of the Chocolat Blu shoes! 😍

  4. I love those Sambas, but I have a feeling my Plantar Fasciitis might not. I’ve painstakingly replaced all my shoes with fashionable ones that don’t aggravate it.

    Question, Jo-Lynne– If you had to choose one pair of white leather sneakers from your arsenal, which would they be? I have 2 big trips coming up this year that I will need a pair that goes with shorts, jeans and dresses. My Vionics are starting to look tired and not-so-stylish.

    1. Well, when I went to Italy, I played it safe and practical and brought the Taos. They aren’t as stylish as the others I have but I felt like they were most versatile and comfortable for all the walking we’d be doing. I still love my P448 Johns and find them the most comfortable and easy to throw on and go. The field sneakers all require tying, which I find cumbersome. Also not sure I like the look of the field sneakers with dresses, but maybe I just need to get used to it. I still love my VEJA Esplar for the all-around goes with everything shoe, but it does not have support for PF.

  5. I like the black pants but I have similar. The shoes are all cute. I also like the Madewell jeans. No to the 300 dollar sweater.

  6. Fabulous post!

    I have been wanting to try the Mother brand jeans. I wear 27 in Kut jeans. Do you recommend same size or next size up for Mother?

    1. Rachel! My experience is to go up a size or two in Mothers. I am usually a size 10 or 30, can wear a size 8 in Kut. The last Mother I tried on in a 31 I couldn’t close the button by at last an inch. Probably needed a 32 or even 33. Depends on the style as well.

    2. I wear my usual size 27 in Mother, especially if it’s the Insider. I have one pair of Hustler’s in a 26 as they’re pretty stretchy.

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