Summer Trend to Try: Matching Sets

Last week we talked about the crochet trend for summer, and today I want to talk about another summer trend I’m interested in trying – matching sets.

This time, I ordered one to style for you! I ordered this linen utility shirt and 4″ shorts from Banana Republic’s Linen Shop.

BR Linen Utility Shirt (S) // BR 4″ Linen Shorts (8) // Vince Pia Wedge Sandals (8) // NAGHEDI Woven Tote // Kendra Scott necklace & earrings // old Stella & Dot cuff bracelet // Fendi sunglasses (option for less)

I know I like this style of top on me, but I wasn’t sure about the shorts. I mean, pleats? Really??? But I reminded myself, it doesn’t cost anything to try!

(Returns at Banana Republic are free, but they only allow 30 days from ship date, so I always mark my calendar when placing an order, just to be safe.)

While they’re not my typical style, I actually think they work really well for dressy shorts, which is something I don’t currently have in my summer wardrobe.

The nice thing about a matching set is, it’s “one and done” like a dress or jumpsuit. You don’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out what to put together, but you can mix and match each piece with other items in your closet to maximize cost per wear potential.

Plus, there are so many pieces in the Linen Collection at Banana that you could order a few other options for tops and bottoms, and they’re all interchangeable.

Because these pieces are both 100% linen, they’re extremely lightweight and breathable for hot summer days, but they do recommend dry cleaning. I don’t really mind that, but I know it’s a deal breaker for some, so I want to mention it.

And yes, it does wrinkle, but that’s to be expected. I chose black for this set because I think black linen is so chic and easy to style multiple ways, but these pieces are also available in white and army green, which are really nice as well.

I styled this shorts set two ways – first with black wedge slides and my black NEGHEDI woven tote for a more dressed-up summer look that I might wear out for dinner or drinks with Paul on a warm summer evening.

And then with brown flat sandals and a straw clutch, which still has an elevated look and feel, but it’s more of a daytime look.

This is something I might wear to meet a girlfriend for coffee or to shop the mall. I might not carry a clutch to the mall, though, although this one has a chain strap so it’s certainly fine for that.

BR Linen Utility Shirt (S) // BR 4″ Linen Shorts (8) // Nordstrom Carolina Slides (8) // straw clutch // Kendra Scott necklace & earrings // old Stella & Dot cuff bracelet // Fendi sunglasses (option for less)

Here’s a shot of the back of the outfit. It’s very simple, but I like that about it. I feel like it’s streamlined and modern and flattering without being too structured or form-fitting. I might even pack this for Italy!

I accessorized both looks with a delicate gold layer necklace and chain link hoop earrings, along with one of my favorite pairs of oversized sunglasses.

A bolder necklace would be fun with this too. I need to update my accessories, but I haven’t seen a lot that I like, and the one new piece I got recently already sold out.

If you prefer a more casual look, this Lou & Grey Sandwashed Pocket Tank and matching shorts from Monday’s Try-On Haul make a really cute set.

When you tuck the top into the shorts, it almost looks like a romper, but without the potential potty problems. How about that for a catchy alliteration!?!

What do you think about the matching sets? Do you have any good ones to recommend?

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photos: Alison Cornell

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27 thoughts on “Summer Trend to Try: Matching Sets

  1. Wow, two post in one day. I love this black on black outfit on you. I like the pleated shorts. They look great. I think it would be great outfit for Italy except for the wrinkle factor. I don’t have a matching set but really wanting to try one. I like the plum tank top one you posted from Loft with the green one. The Lou and Grey one. Going to look at that again in your post. Love your style.

    1. HA! That was an accident. I was trying to schedule my post and email for this morning, and then I accidentally hit SEND on the email, rather than SCHEDULE so I came back and published the post so the link in the email would work. See, this is what happens when I’m actually prepared and working ahead! 🤪

      1. Oh funny. I wondered if that is what happened. I figured this post must be meant for this morning. This outfit really looks great on you. I think it’s a keeper. The idea one lady said to spray linen with alittle water and wear again is a good idea. Didnt know that would help the wrinkles for day 2. :).

  2. Italians love their linen and wrinkles don’t matter. It would be a perfect set. Those pleated shorts do elevate the outfit and love the cropped, loose top.

  3. I love a matching set like this and this looks so good on you!!! I love everything about it! I have a few matching sets (Evereve) and from a local boutique and rarely shop at Banana Republic but this is so cute I may need to check it out. Thanks for doing a post on this topic!

  4. Love, love, love the black set! I think wrinkled linen looks relaxed and chic! I have a white set I’ve had for few years and I always feel elevated yet casual when I wear it. Take it with you to Italy!

  5. Wrinkles in linen are no problem. I spray my linen pieces with a bit of water with a spray bottle and wear them again. Works just fine. Take the set with you to Italy.

  6. I like the idea of matching and I also feel this top would be really cute with some pull on wide leg linen pants too. I love linen but hate that it wrinkles but then again that’s part of liking linen I guess

  7. You look amazing in that black set! I used to have “dressy” shorts in my wardrobe but, these days, I reach for cute causal dresses instead. But, oh my, that black set is tempting….😍

  8. I have been to Italy many times to visit extended family and most Italian women do not wear shorts unless exercising, hiking, etc.—they are a fashionable bunch! You will definitely see shorts on tourists, however, so it depends on how you want to be perceived. Just be prepared for the heat and little or no air conditioning!

    1. I’m not concerned with looking like an American. Trust me, when they see my entourage, there will be no doubt. Ha! I just want to feel like the best version of my American self. Just like I do here or anywhere. I guess the question is, WHERE would I wear this? Probably not a day if sightseeing. Maybe dinner? The winery tour/wine tasting day? I need to start looking at my itinerary and figuring out a plan for my outfits. I’m bringing mostly dresses. .

      1. I hear you! There are 3 males in my family, and their attire is strictly American, what with baseball hats, tees, etc. Even Italian men do casual a notch up (tighter-fitting shirts and pants, not as loose as we prefer them here). Although that might be changing too for the younger generations.

        1. Yes definitely. Paul has taken to that fit in most of his clothing, and he looks so nice. The kids, tho… Well, Caroline will fit right in with her dresses. But my son never met a pair of sweatpants he doesn’t like, haha.

          1. I laughed out loud at “But my son never met a pair of sweatpants he doesn’t like, haha” 😂 My oldest was like that, but now he usually leans more preppy chic. Although he loves his loungewear!

  9. I’ve always liked matching sets and I’m glad they’re back in style. They make dressing so easy. I think they elongate the figure, which is great for petite people like me.
    Your black shorts set is tres chic!

  10. Curious if you also tried the back zip short with the Hollywood waistline from BR? I’m kinda smitten by them! This set looks really good on you, I hope you enjoy wearing it!

  11. Very cute! I have some linen shorts that I love, however, if I wear them all day, they get shorter in the front as they wrinkle. 😳
    I have an accidental matching set from Old Navy. I bought the French Terry hoody in the blue color and got it home and realized I had already purchased the shorts in the same color! I took it to the beach and it was a perfect early morning lounge set.

    1. I think I have that same French Terry hoodie…a couple of years ago? I don’t remember seeing matching shorts. But I did buy a beach print terry short and matching pullover top. At the time I was super worried about it looking like pajamas…Little did we know we’re total trendsetters, LOL!

  12. Just ordered this cute black linen shorts and top set! I have gift cards to spend so I’m trying to take advantage of the sales out there right now. Although not on sale, I can see myself getting a lot of use out of these pieces (together and separately) and I used up my gift card! Thank you for sharing so much variety lately.

  13. I love that set and I’m all for one and done. ! I have a black linen top from Banana Republic Factory that’s very similar to yours.. I may have to try the linen shorts with it. It’s nice you can also wear them separately. I would definitely take to Italy.

  14. I like the matching sets trend. It’s something different. I purchased one that Cyndi styled a while back and I’m thinking about getting another one. I don’t know if it’s just me but I find linen to be scratchy or itchy against my skin. I got a pair of linen blend wide legs pants from Old Navy last year and they were fine. I love this outfit on you!! It looks really nice!!

    1. I agree about linen not being the most comfortable fabric, I assume it will soften up with wear. I have some linen tees that are very comfy after washing a few times.

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