Coffee Talk 07.05.20

It’s been a strange year so far, but I have high hopes for the second half of 2020! We kicked it off with my birthday celebration a few nights ago.

On Wednesday night, my actual birthday, Paul took the girls and me out for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. (David was at camp.) We sat outside, the weather was beautiful, and the food was delicious.

Then we went out to eat at another one of my favorite haunts to celebrate with some of our best friends on Friday night. We opted for outdoor dining both times.

We were only supposed to have the table for 75 minutes, but they were able to arrange it so we could stay for the 2nd seating, so we lingered over drinks and dessert and just chatted and enjoyed catching up.

And last night, we got together again with the same group of friends for a 4th of July pool party in our backyard.

That was so much fun. We’re often in Maine over the 4th, and the past couple of years, we were just here alone, so it was great to be able to use the pool and celebrate with friends for the most festive holiday of the summer.

Judging by the sounds of it, a lot of our neighbors had the same idea. There were several gatherings going on around us, and so many fireworks displays to see from our front yard after dark.

It’s also the first 4th of July that I can remember in years that David was here with us because he’s usually at camp this week. This year, it fell on the one night he gets to come home between groups of campers, so a few of his friends joined us as well.

So all in all, it’s been a great birthday week/holiday weekend.

And, it gets even better. Today we actually get to go to church for the first time in almost 4 months! Our church is finally opening this week for an in-person worship service.

It will be very weird to be in church, for several reasons. For one, the pandemic hit right before we were supposed to move to a new building, so we will be meeting for the first time at our new location.

And of course, Covid concerns will make our service very different.

We had to sign up, and attendance is limited to 40 people. We will be seated in family units, 6 feet apart, and we are required to wear masks. We will be singing, but only with masks and proper social distancing, and we’ll be using pre-packaged elements for Communion.

I’m sure it will be strange, but I’m looking forward to it. I’m just happy to be in church again. Watching it on YouTube is NOT the same.

I realize not everyone is comfortable gathering with friends this weekend, and other areas are getting hit hard right now. We’ve been on lockdown for a long time, and I’ve been waiting patiently for our turn to enjoy a little more freedom. We’re keeping our circle small and staying outside most of the time.

There’s always an element of risk, of course, when gathering with others in this new Covid world, but we’re doing our best to be smart about it. At the moment, our state is in pretty good shape, and I’m hoping with the proper precautions, we can stay that way.

I need to get a move on here if I’m going to be on time, so this is a short one. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!