18 Ways to Wear White Jeans for Spring and Summer

White jeans are one of my go-to spring and summer wardrobe staples, but I’m always amazed by how many women don’t wear them. When I inquire, they usually say it’s because they’re are afraid of getting them dirty.

Friends, white jeans wash!!!

Please, don’t fear the white jeans. They make such a crisp statement this time of year, and you can wear them with pretty much everything.

To illustrate my point, I’ve rounded up 18 ways to wear white jeans for spring and summer.

My all-time favorite white jeans are my Paige Verdugo ankle skinny jeans but unfortunately they’ve been discontinued. The Paige Hoxton is similar but with a higher rise. I also really like the Madewell 9″ high rise skinnies — they’re even thicker than the Paige, and the price point is better. For a more budget-friendly alternative, Old Navy does a good job with their mid-rise Rockstar super skinny jeans.

If you don’t wear skinny jeans, you can substitute straight leg or bootcut white jeans for any of these looks, and white pants will usually work as well.

18 Ways to Wear White Jeans for Spring and Summer

In the interest of space and time, I’m not going to link everything I’m wearing in these pictures, but I will provide links to the original posts where you can see all the outfit details. Some are older so not everything is in stock, but the idea here is to recreate these looks by shopping your closet.

#1. Black & White Print Blouse with Turquoise Pumps // A simple date night outfit, or this could even be work wear for some situations. Any colored shoe will do — and even white or nude would work, but I love the unexpected pop of color.

#2. White on White with a Pastel Layer on Top // For some reason, I often forget about white on white, but it’s such a chic combination. I especially like it with a pastel layer on top — like this kimono, or a solid cardigan would also work.

Here’s an example with a blue cardigan:

#3. Blue & White Stripes // A blue-and-white striped top will always look fresh and classic when paired with white jeans. I like how the navy blue shoes bookend the outfit, but you could also wear nude or white.

#4. Black & White with Pink Sandals // Again, black and white with a pop of color always works. This time I echoed the pink from the shoes in a pair of bold pink earrings.

#5. Hot Pink + White // Nothing is as summery as hot pink paired with white, and I love how these neutral sandals ground the look. This peplum top is still available, and it also comes in navy.

Here’s another cute look with a pink top and white jeans.

#6. Blush Tee with Floral Neck Scarf // This outfit is super simple, but the silk scarf elevates the look. I like the pastel color palette, but you can certainly do this with brights or jewel tones as well.

#7. Olive Utility Jacket with Grey Tee // You can never go wrong with an olive utility jacket over a grey tee — I often wear this combo with blue jeans, but I love how it works with the white. I wore booties because it was early spring, but sneakers or sandals would also work with this look.

#8. Varsity Tee & Converse // This sporty look is great for sporting events, your kid’s soccer game, or just running errands on a Saturday.

#9. Coral & White // This classic combo is super summery; in this case I made the look a little more modern by wearing white kick flares instead of my usual skinnies.

#10. Grey & White with White Loafers // Love ’em or hate ’em, white loafers are the easiest way to update your wardrobe this spring! If you hate ’em, feel free to wear ballet flats, sandals, or even Converse with this look. The twist front top is a nice alternative to a plain t-shirt.

#11. Blue & White Polka Dots // Another classic blue-and-white combination, this time I wore nude sandals for a dressier look.

#12. Olive & White with Leopard // I usually pair olive with black, but I love how it looks with white this time of year. The leopard shoes are a fun touch, and if you don’t have leopard loafers, ballet flats, pumps, or sandals would work just as well.

#13. Floral Blouse & Wedge Sandals // This blouse is sold out, unfortunately, but the idea here is to find a floral print to pair with your white jeans. Florals are trending this season, but choose wisely; they can be aging if they’re too reminiscent of the 1980s.

Here’s another similar look I’ve worn this summer with a yellow floral blouse from Old Navy.

#14. White with Chambray // Always a classic combo; I love the gold sandals and accessories with this look.

#15. Grey & White with Espadrille Wedge Sandals // Another grey-and-white combo, I love the monochromatic look. A ruffle sleeve tee is a fun variation on a basic t-shirt, and the espadrille wedge sandals keep it modern.

#16. Yellow + White with a Denim Jacket // Yellow is trending this season, and I love it paired with white and denim for a fresh, summery vibe.

#17. White on White with a Denim Jacket // One of the easiest ways to do white jeans with items I’m sure you already have in your closet — white tee with white jeans, and top it off with a denim jacket. Add a pair of whimsical shoes for fun!

#18. White and Teal // I think this post illustrates that any color top paired with white jeans works — the key is proper fit, and then choosing accessories and shoes that level up the look and keep it modern.

Also, look for tops with little added details such as the lace insets on this one.

Boden Linen Voop Tee in Ultramarine with Madewell 9" Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans in Pure White and Sam Edelman Regis Platform Wedge Sandals

Whew! I hope that gives you some summer style inspiration for ways to wear white jeans. Believe it or not, I have even more white jeans outfits in my blog archives, but these are my favorites and the ones most easily recreated by shopping your closet.

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  1. All good things must come to an end, but your next leg of vaca sounds like a winner as well!  Great way to break up the looong trip home!  I love my white jeans!  In fact, I’m going to wear a Jo-Lynne copycat outfit today!  White jeans, denim jacket and & reddish orange sleeveless top from Loft that you styled with white jeans a year or so ago. I’m taking my friend out for her birthday & hitting a few of the stores/outlets in the Poconos. And lunch of course!  Happy packing!  

  2. I forgot your Vacay has a part 2!  Love the Boston area…so much to do!

    I also love these great reminders about different ways to wear white jeans.  White jeans, shorts and pants have been my first picks this summer…but I tend to get in a rut by pairing them with the same favorite tops.  There’s plenty more top and shoe options that I’ve been forgetting!  Great ideas!

  3. So funny Jolynne! I live a town over from Lexington in Chelmsford. I was excited to see you in Portsmouth one year ( my husband’s grandma lived there and we frequent it often), and now your even closer in my  “ neck of the woods” lol!  Enjoy Boston!! Such a great city!

  4. Great post! It’s so hot I can’t think about putting on jeans right now. Works for my white shorts too. 
    Boston is a great city! ENJOY 

  5. My favorite post ever. I live in white jeans and pants in summer. Such different looks. So glad you are having a fun family vacay.

  6. I hope y’all enjoy your last day in Maine!  Even though white jeans or pants don’t have a home in my closet, this post gave me a few ideas.  And I’ve pinned one of your photos as a reminder.  Oh, while the GAP white leather sneakers are a tad wide, I can wear them with thicker no show socks!  Instead of ordering my usual 8 1/2, I ordered an 8, which was wise.  Thank you!!  They will probably be going on our beach trip.

  7. Thanks for posting this. I get stuck in a rut and forget that I have white jeans. Thanks for the cute looks you’ve posted. It’s time for me to pull the white jeans out.

  8. Great post, Jo-Lynne!  I, too, tend to get in a rut and wear the same things, but you just gave me lots more ideas. I need to save this post. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  9. This is such a great post!  I finally found some white skinny jeans this summer! It took forever to find some that fit right and were thick enough.  I cuffed them to be crops now, and will wear them longer as jeans in the Fall. In fact, I liked them so much, I bought a second pair as a back up.  I’m still getting used to actually choosing them over my typical denim.  Now I have more ideas for outfits.  Thanks!  Enjoy your time in Boston!  That was one of my favorite family trips with our adult kids.

  10. Love your blog! Do you have a link for the kick flares? Or a similar pair? I bought some at the Loft two years ago and I’m still wearing them. But I can’t find anything similar this season. I want them fitted but with a small flare just like the ones you were wearing. Thank you!

  11. Great post with multiple great ideas!  I love white jeans but also tend to save them instead of wearing them.  Thank you for the encouragement and ideas!  You do a great job with your blog and put in lots of work…I appreciate it!  

  12. Wow Jo-Lynne just goes to show you I needed you in my life!! . You have some great styles. I love them all! Never thought of pink shoes. Love 🥰 it. Ooh that black top with cut out is a must get me as well as the touqouise top. Oooh. I can’t wait. Thank you for the links too!!!

    Xo Cindy

  13. Great post and refresher Jo-Lynne! I live in my white jeans and wear the blue/polka dot and chambray looks all the time thanks to you. Have a great rest of the week!

  14. Great post – living in the real deep south the window for actually wearing white jeans with summer type tops is very narrow! Do wear white jeans in the winter but just love the look of them in the summer. YOU look great in them also.

  15. Too funny – I wore a teal blouse and white jeans combo today to work! Ran out of time to read your blog in the morning so catching up tonight. Love all the looks. The white on white with pink kimono is a fun look. We all need you to help us break out of our fashion ruts. Enjoy the next phase of your vacay in Boston!

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