26 Days of Spring Fashion Recap

Well, we did it again! Today Cyndi and I are recapping our 26 Days of Spring Fashion.

I’m always amazed at the end of one of these style series that I actually pulled it off — especially the spring ones. Coming up with 26 outfits and shooting them all on location during the most fickle month of the year is no small feat.

A lot of you seem to like having all of our outfits to reference in one easy place, and I always think it’s fun to look back and see which outfits worked (and didn’t) and hear your thoughts as well.

Usually when I look back through one of these posts, I find a few outfits that I feel were a sure miss, but I don’t feel that way about any of these. I really like them all — except maybe that purple dress (day 13). I like the outfit, but I’m not sure the dress flatters me the way a sheath typically does.

But anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself! Let’s recap.

one // two // three // four // five // six

seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve

thirteen // fourteen

fifteen // sixteen // seventeen // eighteen // nineteen // twenty

twenty-one // twenty-two // twenty-three // twenty-four // twenty-five // twenty-six

So there you have it! I really don’t know that I can name a favorite. Which ones are yours?

The romper (day 26) definitely definitely stands out — but maybe just because it’s different. And of course I love anything with a moto jacket (days 7, 12, and 15.)

I also love all the denim jacket looks (especially 9 and 16.) Oh, and also day 14. I love the pink jeans with white tee, white sneaks, and denim jacket together. That may be my favorite outfit of the series, actually.

In looking at all of these pictures, I can definitely see how a completer piece makes an outfit. It’s harder to incorporate a completer piece into our outfits when the weather heats up, but since it’s often cold indoors, I’m going to try to remember to add optional layers to my spring and summer looks when I can.

Of course, it’s only April 1st, so there are still a lot of spring outfits yet to come. I already have some brand collaborations lined up for April (in fact, I’m shooting a few of those this morning!)

And I’ll be sharing some non-outfit posts — style tips, trends to watch, fight the frump, product roundups, 5 ways to wear a wardrobe piece… things like that. I don’t really have a lot planned at this point, so I need to start filling my editorial calendar!

I’m planning to update my spring handbag (spend/splurge/save) post, I’ve got a post in the works on the best transition shoes for spring, I want to do a white tee review, and maybe update my white jeans review as well. Beyond that, I’m open to hearing your ideas and what you’d like to see.

Meanwhile, LOFT is running 50% off plus free shipping, so if you’ve had your eye on anything there, now’s the time to grab it.

I did try on a few things that came in the mail recently, but I didn’t have time to share them on my Insta Story, as I promised in my email.

You can check out my LOFT Favorites in The Shop for my top recommendations; and don’t forget, my romper, space-dye hoodie, and floral mixed media shell are all included. I’ve also tried and love this red blouse (TTS for Loft), this floral peplum top (TTS or size down if in between), and these lilac pants (size up one).

Okay, so that’s a wrap! I hope you all have a marvelous Monday!

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see her 26 Days of Spring Fashion recap!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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46 thoughts on “26 Days of Spring Fashion Recap

  1. I actually like a ton of them! 2, 5, 7, 12 are especially good. Loved the romper. Thanks for all that work! It really is fun on this end.

  2. The series was great and definitely gives lots of ideas about what to wear! I like so many of your outfits but now that you mention the pink jeans/t-shirt/jean jacket combo, that is really good. I work in public education and can totally see myself wearing something similar to work (yay for casual work dress code!). I just got the pink girlfriend chinos from Loft, so that outfit is going into my rotation. Thanks for doing this!

  3. I, surprisingly, really like the Walmart outfit. I think it is a cute look and looks adorable on you. I appreciate so much that you try to vary the price points in your outfits. I really enjoy your posts from Kohl’s because that is a store that I frequent. I bought the sweater that you were wearing in your post on make up from Kohl’s. I love it! Thanks for your time and effort!

  4. All the outfits are great. The completer piece does add to an outfit, and I agree I like the ones with a jacket, both moto and jean. I would say the jumpsuit is my least favorite. I don’t see much wear out of that one. For blog posts. I really love your try on hauls, especially when you were doing those on Saturdays.

  5. Since I finally ordered the Daily Ritual hooded cardigan and the bright blue Calson maxi dress, I’d say those are my top two.  It’s chilly again here also, with some wind, and very little sun.  I just saw a blurb that parts of GA may see snow tomorrow.  Ha!  If you want a challenge, I have a suggestion, but I need to provide some background.  I’m 62 and am hot natured,  live in a part of GA where our summer temps are more like FL, the humidity is usually stifling, and in most buildings I don’t need a jacket.  So, how can I create put together & nice outfits without adding that completer piece (jacket or sweater)?  Have a great day!

    1. Hey Ginger, I feel ya. There are plenty of times I don’t need or want a completer piece. I would say the key is to have a really strong focal point. Some juxtaposition is nice too, but I think the focal point is more important. So a really pretty blouse, some really fun striped wide leg pants (if you like that look), a piece of jewelry that commands attention if you’re wearing neutrals or solids – I know your husband makes a lot of pretty pieces for you. That sort of thing. I hope that helps!

  6. Great series with so many cute ideas! My favorite by far is #2, i got that blouse and absolutely love it! I got my daughter-in-law the blush jacket and she really likes it too. It’s fun to see all the outfits together and pin for reference later. Thanks for a great job!

  7. Loved all the looks! Thanks for trying something new with Walmart. How about selecting one item and showcasing it 2 or 3 different ways to style it for those of us with smaller closets?
    There is snow in some parts of the east coast so thats an unpleasant April Fool’s day for some.

    1. Yeah, I’ve done a lot of the 3 or 5 ways to style posts… they’re always popular and I will definitely do more! Any specific items you want to see showcased different ways?

      Snow on April 1st is indeed the ultimate April Fool’s joke. It was freezing here – so windy, and I was shooting shorts outfits, but at least there is no snow on the ground! 🙂

  8. Your right, you did an awesome job with this series and styling spring clothes under crazy weather conditions all over. But you gave us such a good variety that no matter what the weather or where you live, there was something for everyone. My favs were the simple outfits that the pieces could be worn diff ways. Like #2,  I just fell in love with those cheetah print flats. They took a beautiful simple outfit to the next level. I will be buying those very soon. Also #24, because I purchased a very similar drape faux jacket and have worn it so much. It adds warmth and dresses up jeans perfectly for spring. And lastly, #23 because it looks so flattering on you and I have two of those tops and they are nice for laying or alone when it warms up. Also white pants or jeans are a must have for spring and summer and you did a great job showing us a variety of ways to wear them. Thank you! 

  9. I m with you about all the ones with the denim jackets! Number 4 is my other favorite over all. I ordered the blue and white Calson dress. Had to send it back because of a defect. Now it’s not available in my size. Hopefully they will restock, I did get the black one! Love it with my white denim jacket! Thank you for all the great outfits! 

  10. I was sitting here thinking of some idras for you. Here are two that people ask me about and that I see as a fashion need all the time. I even googled one myself this week. 1. Undergarments!!! Not enough information can be given about this one! 2. How to care for your clothing once you purchase it. Or shoes or purses. I just nought some new dark jeans and couldn’t remember the vinegar trick for setting the color. That’s good info to share. I know there lots more. Laundering your hand washables in baby detergent is one I got from a nice lingerie store in my area. Who knew! It’s gentlier than woolite!  Hope you’re feeling better!

  11. I would love to see you do a gift guide for high school graduates. My daughter is a junior but has lots of friends graduating this year. Your gift guides are always so helpful!

  12. Thank you for all your hard work in this series! My favorite by far is #9! Maybe it’s because I already had all the pieces in my closet, minus the top, which I now have! That blouse from Loft is really special! The color combination resonates Spring! I would love to see more posts on Fight the Frump, more education on turning a so, so outfit into an awesome one with juxposition, balance. etc. and lastly I’d love to see more thrifty-friendly outfit ideas from Target, Kohl’s and perhaps Walmart. I personally love the challenge in making lower price-point clothing look like they were bought in a higher end store by adding luxe accessories, handbags, and/or shoes.

  13. Jo-Lynne I just bought the top in #9 at The Loft. Free shipping & 50% off! Would you think of wearing it with a denim skirt as it warms up? I also liked all your picks this spring! Good Job.

  14. I think #2 was my favourite! How about a roundup of the pieces you kept/wear? 
    I’ve bought a couple of pairs of cropped jeans for spring. Since they are so popular this year could you do a few ways to style them? 

  15. I had a lot of favorites: 4, 9, 12, 20, 22, 23, 25, 26. I think 9 and 12 are the winners of all of them. Would you consider doing a post on the utility trend? I love it and have found some ways to incorporate it into my work wardrobe, but would be interested to see your take. Maybe a 5 styles post – from accessories/shoes to outfits?

  16. Number 14 was actually my favorite also. Over the years I have learned to layer my outfits since I live in North Carolina. The is where you can have all four seasons in the same week. Haha!! I love all of your outfits and your style. As always, love your Blog!! Have a Great Week!! …….Linda

  17. I always love the recaps. Cold here in Delaware, too. 31 this morning! So glad I bought a spring-colored down vest. It’s a robin’s egg blue that looks great with my gray Everlane ballet neck cashmere sweater. (Thank-you for that find, Jo-Lynne!!) I’ve been wearing the vest every day. As far as topics for posts, maybe some “what to wear” to particular summer events with a casual and dressier choice which is often reflected by inside versus outside. A wedding, a concert, a graduation party etc. Another idea– outfits to wear when you’re going somewhere and you don’t know how casual the event will be. I was invited to a fundraiser for our YMCA recently and luckily I chose a middle-of-the-road outfit because turns out it was a cocktail party at a country club!

  18. I loved this series as well. I also love the outfits with the completer pieces the best! I was wondering if a sleeveless light weight vest would make a nice completer piece maybe one that is symmetrical or handkerchief type hem? If so I would like to see that styled in the near future Thank you so much for all your hard work we appreciate you

  19. First of all, I love your blog. It has given me so many ideas for outfits and I love your links. I have used them; especially the Loft link.
    If you’re looking for some ideas; how about a once a week section called “Looks Good” “Looks Better”
    You can style one outfit in a perfectly good and acceptable way but then you can ask for suggestions to take it to the next level. You can even just have another picture of taking it to a edgier outfit. I know you sometimes do this already with matching different shoes to an outfit, so this would have to be a more dramatic change. Just a thought.

  20. Seeing all the outfits in one place shows how much work you have done for this series. I have really enjoyed it and have purchased some of the pieces. I plan to purchase the Tommy white sneakers today. I think it would be a great idea to take the outfits from the series and tell us which ones you kept, which you returned, and why. Then with the ones you kept, styling them in a different way would be so helpful!  I liked too many of the outfits to narrow it down to just a few, but then my style and body type is so similar to yours. Loved this!

  21. One idea might be to showcase a “how not to” outfit, talk about why it doesn’t work then show how to fix it. I know for me-who has felt “style impaired” that would be very educational. Thanks for all your hard work!

  22. Numbers 9, 20, and 25 and 26 would be my favorites only because they’d be an outfit I’d grab right out of my closet and go knowing I’d be stylish and comfortable which for my days are key:) great series Jo-Lynne thanks for your hard work . 

  23. That was a great AND fast month.  Thanks for offering such a great variety…all I have to do is wait until the ice melts on Lake Erie and spring will come to Buffalo.  Meanwhile…brrr.

    BTW, my daughter just sent me pics from pool were she is vacationing (in Arizona) with fellow teachers.  The setting looked familiar!  Turns out it was the Shadow Mountains Resort.  LOL.

  24. Thank You Jolynne for this great Spring Challenge! All of your outfits were great, but my favorite ones were 16,17,25 & 23! I got a lot of ideas and tips! Thank you so much for your blog!!! 

  25. My favorite was Number 9, but then that is pretty much my uniform in the Spring and Fall..a nice shirt with a cardigan, white denim, blue denim, or utility jacket and blue or white jeans. An idea for future posts could be to let your followers send you a link of a piece of clothing they like or have just bought; then you style it several different ways. 

  26. Maybe a good idea for a post is how to mix and match so as to not wear same top with same pants all the time. Like I  have olive green pants and  I can’t do warm color or harsh black on top so always pair with navy tops. Need more ideas. Love your Spring Series looks on you. You have lots to choose from. Thanks for all the hard work. 

    1. blush, pink, ivory, burgundy, coral, grey… 🙂 – I love olive pants.

      I can see another one of these posts is in order. I can think of other more summery possibilities. I guess I need to get some new ones, since I got rid of mine a while ago. Also, the utility trend is back so… 🙂

  27. Book marking the outfits for future reference. Lots of weekend trips coming up this spring / summer to different places like Disney, Water parks, Camping, Family get togethers for picnics,, What to wear and how to pack the what to wear would be great. Thanks

  28. Hi! I thought this spring style series was one of your best ones yet. So much versatility and variety in the outfits. Maybe it’s because I’m finally able to replicate your outfits with what’s in my closet! Between you, Cindy, Kay and AYW, I’ve cultivated a really fun closet! Are kimonos still in? Can you do a post on how to choose and wear one? Do you decorate your house for spring? I love seeing spring decorations almost as much as the Christmas ones. Thanks! 

    1. Hey Julie, so glad to hear it. I don’t really decorate for spring. I’m kind of a lazy decorator. I get things the way I like them, and they stay that way for years, haha! Christmas is about all I do.

      I think kimonos are in, but I don’t love them on me. I always feel a little “extra” – I did this one and this one – I think I might like them better with cropped jeans. I could try another one this year that way.

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