23 Days of Spring Fashion Recap

Guess what? It’s April! And I’m coming to you this morning from sunny Florida! No foolin’. It’s beautiful here, and the house we rented is perfect — there’s even a huge full length wall mirror in our bedroom for my outfit selfies, haha!

Beyond that, it’s a gorgeous space with a pool and a water view, and the weather looks like it’s going to be perfect for our stay. We are so grateful to be here. Meanwhile, let’s take a look back at 23 Days of Spring Fashion.

I always get requests for a recap post after one of my seasonal style challenges so you have all the looks in one place, so here you go! Let’s recap.

23 Days of Spring Fashion 2021

one // two // three // four // five

six // seven // eight // nine

ten // eleven // twelve // thirteen // fourteen

fifteen // sixteen // seventeen // eighteen

nineteen // twenty // twenty-one // twenty-two // twenty-three

I always love to hear from you — which looks are your favorites? Are there any that inspired you to try new styles or shop your closet for new outfit ideas?

I have to say, I’m really happy with how this series turned out. I usually have one or two looks that I really dislike, but while I might make a tweak here or there, there’s not one of these outfits that I wouldn’t put on and wear right now if I had the appropriate occasion.

As far as those that stand out to me — I love the outfit from day one, and I love day twenty… which stands to reason. They’re quite similar! I also love day twenty-two and day four… and all of those casual dresses! Funny that all the dresses in this series were from Old Navy.

I’m also really partial to day eighteen, and of course I will be living in the looks from days eleven and fourteen this spring and summer. Oh, and there’s day ten! Okay, see? I really like them all.

ANYWAY! After 5 years of full-time fashion blogging, I guess I should like the outfits I put together. If I haven’t learned how to dress myself by now, there’s probably no hope for me. Ha!

I hope you all have a terrific Thursday!!!

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  1. Excited for you that you are having a get-away in a sunny location. You never come across as “in your face” and no need to apologize for a vacation ESPECIALLY after the year we’ve all experienced! Here in Michigan it’s 25 degrees (super cold day compared to what we’ve been having or what’s forecast in the next 10 days) and there were a few snow flurries. On the plus side, we did have a pretty sunrise! I love outfits 18, 15, and 4. As soon as I saw 18 with its neutrals I thought of how I could put that together from items in my closet. Enjoy sunny FL!

  2. I really enjoyed these posts! Number 14 is very much my daily go-to. I did order dress #19 when it was $15, and it is so cute.

  3. Hello Jo-Lynne, I am delighted for you and your family! I rarely comment but felt compelled this morning to say- have fun! We all need a break and shouldn’t feel guilty for being able to get away. Please share whatever you are comfortable with- I love Florida!
    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  4. Enjoy Florida! No apologies needed! I live on Sand Key in Florida but I’m up in Rehoboth helping my daughter with a project! And it’s still raining and cold! Not ideal but love time with my family.

  5. Enjoy the change of scenery!! If you need an outing we liked the Cork Screw Nature preserve near Naples! Good walking and lots os nature! (and shade!)

  6. I would love to hear EVERYTHING you’re willing to share about vacation! How you found your house, virtual tour, and how you’re spending your vacation. I can live vicariously through you!
    As always, you’re looks are great, I’m feeling sluggish about fashion right now, but will be getting out soon and this will be a good resource.

  7. Oh my goodness, how I wish I had a warm and lazy day by the pool to look forward to! I hope you completely enjoy it and don’t waste on a single moment feeling bad about it. Some of my favorite looks are 3, 10, 12, & 21, but I’ll be living in something much like 14 (when I’m not in my dog-walking, yoga-practicing uniform, that is!) The outfits I’ll be copying are 9 & 18– so pretty!

  8. Loved this series, so many great ideas. The most inspiring for me is #7. Congrats, you got me into a Shacket! It’s a beautiful sweater & I love it. Perhaps it’s a swacket? It’s in the 30s today in Chicago but then we climb to 70-ish for weekend & part of next week. Easter egg hunt with the grands – can’t wait! Enjoy your trip & soak up that sunshine.

  9. I I don’t mind at all hearing all about your vacation. A vacation is not possible for us at this time due to several
    But I am glad you get one. I am also a home body, but learned years ago time away is very beneficial and really necessary to good mental health.

  10. Love hearing about your vacation! We rented a home in California this winter and getting out of the snowy Midwest was the best thing we have ever done. As a fellow homebody, my trip made me realize that one of the reasons I am not super into vacations is that hotels stress me out. Living in one room and one room only with other people sets my nerves on edge. Would love to hear more about how you found the house, what you packed, if there’s anything you regret not packing, tip for vacation home rentals etc….

  11. I bought the green bomber jacket from day 1, and it’s great. I took it on vacation to the desert and wore it everyday with everything, even layered over a zip-up hoodie. I machine washed and dried it when I got back, and it looks as good as new.

  12. Jo-Lynne, please don’t think that you are being insensitive or in our faces because you are enjoying a vacation in Florida. I SO need to hear about it! Where I live, we have been in some kind of a lockdown since Christmas and rumour has it that we are going to have even stricter measures placed on my part of Canada starting Saturday. I would love to hear about your trip so that I can live vicariously through you and to confirm that indeed there is hope for a “normal” life one day soon. I echo others in that I would love to hear about the planning part of your trip (how you found the house to rent) and to see a virtual tour.
    On the fashion side of things, my favourite outfits are 2, 4 (love the colour on the sweater), 6, 10, and 23 (your legs look like they go on forever).
    Have a very enjoyable vacation!

  13. Welcome to Florida! I would enjoy hearing everything about your vacation! We all need to hear some good stuff these days. 🙂 Stay safe!

  14. My favorite looks from the past 23 spring outfits are: 1, 3, 4 (for you!), 14, and 18. I gained the most knowledge from outfit number 18 since I never think to create an outfit using that color combination. Your rental home in FL looks fabulous and perfect for your family. While I am sad that Larry and I cannot take a real vacation, that doesn’t mean that I can’t be happy that you and your family can. I hope you will share pictures with us! One of our nieces and her family are on an almost one month long camping adventure from GA to CO and numerous states in between, while home schooling her girls. We are loving being on the trip with them thru all of the pictures and videos she is posting, and seeing them is adding joy to our lives. Enjoy the get away and the sunshine!

  15. Welcome to sunny Florida! Cape Coral is a beautiful area. We live in Jax but typically vacation on Sanibel or Captiva Island. You’re so close, I highly recommend driving over to the islands and exploring one day and having dinner. Enjoy your vacation!!

  16. I am so glad that you found a beautiful rental house with a great pool and that the weather is terrific! You are the least “in your face” insensitive blogger so please share away. We are living vicariously through you! Parts of Canada are in lock down mode again. I am grateful that we are not. Its 60F here – yay! Its not your 87F but I will take it. Please do post pics of your house rental and of beaches you visit…. would love to see them. We are genuinely happy for you and your family that you are able to have a wonderful family vacation. Please do not apologize for it. Also echo the comments about a post on what you packed…. please share what you feel comfortable with. Happy Easter!

  17. Please Share Your Vacation! Living vicariously through you may be all some folks have this year. Hugs and love your blog 🤗

  18. These were great spring outfits! You definitely do a nice job to enhance your shape! I enjoy learning from you.

    Enjoy lovely Florida! I am 25 minutes from you and you sure have lovely weather. Have a great week.

  19. Love it!! Keep your Florida vacation details coming, I will live vicariously through you!! We all need to get away, I am also a homebody, but I feel the same way as you when we go somewhere….alive, and vibrant…travel does that for us even when we don’t think we need it!

  20. Thanks for doing this spring series. I sure needed it and your outfits were perfect! It will provide lots of inspiration for me, too. Please share your vacation, how you found your rental, what fun places you’re going to, etc. I’m in AZ (between my cabin rental business in the mountains), and PHX area, so going to around 90 in PHX and sunny this weekend. Pool time is coming up quickly for sure!

  21. So glad that you are happy with your home you are renting, and are enjoying the beautiful weather in Florida. I appreciate your comments and sensitivity about sharing your vacation, but I did not think you were being insensitive at all. It s been a difficult year for many of us. My husband and I want to go to Florida also for a little while, but I m hoping we can do it later in the month of April. Please show us picture of Coral Gables. I d love to find out how you iked your place you are in and the area! Have a very wonderful time.

  22. Have a wonderful time and I did not think you were being insensitive about sharing your vacation with us. You deserved it and worked hard to be able to spend some fun time with your family. I hope you have a wonderful week. Can’t wait to see pictures of the area (Please Share) My husband and I want to go to Florida and stay, and we are thinking of renting a home too. Just not sure about the area yet. Have a wonderful time…Bev Brown

  23. First off I’m so glad you and your family have a chance to get away! You are at my happy place where we have made many great family vacation memories… Florida! Our turn will come again:) loved your series along with Cyndi. My favorites were : 8,10, 11, 19,20. Lots of good inspiration 💕.. have fun safe travels:)

  24. Enjoy your Cape Coral vacation. I love the lanais by the pool and the view of the canal as the boats go by. Very relaxing so take it all in and share.
    I had to laugh at you and Cyndi’s recap. I ordered several things from her series and dresses 17 and 19 from yours. Haven’t tried them on yet – just waiting for a place to wear them. You two make it very difficult to not shop!

  25. SO happy for you getting to go on a vaca!! You totally deserve it, and I hope it’s everything you needed. I am praying you go home feeling refreshed. I totally think you should review your Airbnb there in FL for us. I would love to see pics of it, and hear how much you did/didn’t enjoy it. We would also love to here what all you do for fun while you are there in FL. ENJOY!!

  26. Enjoy your vacation!! I have a short one planned to Charleston, first of May, so I am loving the outfit inspiration!

  27. Please, please share about your trip all you want. I’m happy for you and want to hear. I’m glad you made it safe and are loving the place and the weather sounds great. Its sunny and 59 here in NW Oregon, so I’ll call that good. 🙂 LOL Enjoy.

  28. Don’t apologize. I’m so looking forward to you sharing pictures, stories, food, fashion, etc. from your vacation, as long as you enjoy it. Ilove hearing how happy you are! Spring Recap…my favs are #18 and #6. Question, like #18 do you think shades of green would work? For example, deep olive green pants with a hunter green spruce long sleeve tee? As I was trying the combo on I wasn’t too optimistic, but, ended up being presently surprised. Would enjoy seeing more of this styling.

  29. I’m glad you got to go on vacation!!!! It gives me hope. I had my Pfizer shot Tuesday and can’t wait to complete the set. Home free!! Planning a WDW vacation in Nivember. That’s out Revenge Vacation.

  30. I got the cute sleeveless blouse from sixteen and love that look! Thank you for doing 23 Days of Spring Fashion…I enjoy it so much. I have my eye on the sweater in twelve. 😉

  31. Love all the outfits, but especially #ten, eighteen, twenty, twenty-one and twenty-two! You look great in all of them! Thank you for doing this for us! You and Cyndi are a great team! So excited for your trip! Please share whatever you choose! It will be so fun to see/hear about your adventures! I have never been to Florida so I will enjoy the virtual vacation! Here in southern Washington state we are enjoying temperatures in the 60’s with yesterday in low 70’s! Spring is here-so much loving the blossoms! Enjoy your time and have a most blessed Easter!

  32. 16…17…23… are my favorite looks on you. Yes, I’m always trying to shop what I have in my closet and when I’m out and about shopping or online for items you and Cyndi have featured. You are really rocking the look on day 23. . We usually go to Hilton Head Island Beach since we live so close. Just booked a week for us there this Summer. Sunshine makes a big difference in the way I feel. That’s why I LOVE living in the South. I spent many vacations in Florida… especially the Gulf Coast…because a bad day at the beach beats a good day at home.

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